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Our Learning Community is now on the Cisco Learning Network: Please find future content there!


We’re excited to announce that you can now visit our new ‘AppDynamics Learning Community’ space within the Cisco Learning Network. You’ll see some older content from the former AppDynamics community, but expect a whole lot of new content coming soon!

The Cisco Learning Network is a social learning community focused on the IT industry. It provides learning tools, training resources, and industry guidance to anyone interested in building an IT career through Cisco certifications. Feel free to subscribe and then poke around in the new space to see what it has to offer.


Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 11.48 1.png


Haven’t started with the Cisco Learning Network? Here’s how to sign-up.

Embark on your journey of career growth and technological discovery by creating an account on the Cisco Learning Network .

From there, follow our Cisco Learning Network how-to guide, a process that unlocks a world of expert knowledge, resources, and a community eager to support your learning objectives. We invite you to introduce yourself in the discussion section and get connected with other AppDynamics enthusiasts!

Visit new AppDynamics Learning Community



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