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This second installment of our Member Spotlight: Instructor Edition highlights instructor Faith Atayero. Get acquainted with one of the professionals teaching instructor-led (ILT) AppDynamics University courses! 

*ILT courses are exclusive to our Premium and Multi-User University subscription holders. Visit our site for more information on subscription types.

Thank you, Faith, for sharing your insights, hobbies, and passions with us! Community, please add your comments and questions for Faith and for the moderators, below. We look forward to engaging with you!

– Johanna & Claudia

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Your work as an Instructor

Can you give us a picture of “a day in the life”? 

I'm a Senior Technical Instructor for the EMEA region, at Cisco AppDynamics. As a senior instructor, I deliver all the AppDynamics professional technical training courses and learning tracks, which include any newly designed courses. I also help the content team to develop some of these courses.

Image from iOS.jpgHow did you get involved with technical instruction?

I started my career as a software developer 20 years ago and then became a software trainer about 2-3 years later. Ever since then, I have been involved in technical instruction on different technologies which include: Java, .NET, PHP, XML, SQL, to name a few.

What has fed your interest in your work?

I love challenges. I’m working in an environment where I can also learn new things while passing knowledge onto others. I also love innovation, and with AppDynamics cultivating an innovative environment, I’m continuously involved at work.

In terms of the origin story of my teaching career, an old classmate once told me: ‘Faith, you have a talent for teaching. You thoroughly explain things and make everything easy to understand.' I was inspired and started with part-time training as an outsourced contractor.

My concept of teaching revolves around providing real-life scenarios and examples on how to apply the learned material and information.

Tips for successful learning

What are your top tips for maximizing learning in an AppDynamics instructor-led course?

I want to ensure that all my students are comfortable communicating with me. I encourage you to ask your questions at any time, but in an organized fashion. When it comes to these virtual class settings, raise your hand via video or type it in the chatroom so we can address questions in real-time. 

Keeping up with industry news

What’s your favorite way of keeping up with tech news?

I keep up via my online research, blogs, TV, social media, and the content I invite into my email inbox.

With regards to AppDynamics research, I try to look at comparisons with other tools in the industry that we compete with. From there I explore ways in which we can improve our existing tool and how to better position it with customers. I am focused on Cisco APM monitoring, currently.

IMG_6869.jpgLife After Hours

What are some of your favorite things to experience outside of work?

I am a fan of all sports in general but am particularly a big fan of football (a Chelsea FC member, to be precise!). I also enjoy watching wrestling on TV and the WWE Network, my current favorite wrestler is Roman Reigns, and I also enjoy participating in outdoor activities.

FUN FACT | I used to play professional handball!

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