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Download your AppDynamics University achievements before the move to Cisco U.  

Preparing for December 15Downloading your Learning History? | Downloading your certificates 

AppDynamics University is officially moving to Cisco U., Cisco’s world-class learning experience platform on December 15, 2023 

To keep a copy of your instructor-led training and course completion certificates, you need to download them from your AppDynamics University account before December 15, 2023, by 5 pm PST on Thursday, December 14. 

You’ll also want to finish your in-progress learning by the move date. We can only migrate self-paced courses that are marked ‘100%’ complete. This means that after the move, you’ll only see your fully completed AppDynamics University self-paced courses in Cisco U. You will find your digital badges for completed self-paced and instructor-led learning plans in Credly.  

For more information regarding the AppDynamics University move to Cisco U., including what content you can access, explore our migration FAQ post. We are continually updating it with more details as we approach our official move date. 


Let’s get started with downloading your AppDynamics University learning history: 

  1.  Log in to your AppDynamics University account. 

  2.  From the dashboard, select ‘MY ACTIVITIES’.

  3. On your ‘MY ACTIVITIES’ page, select each of the following options, one at a time, and save a PDF of the complete list of learning for each option that you select.  
    • Courses 
    • ILT (Instructor-led Training) 
    • Learning Plans 


How do I save a PDF?

  1. To save a PDF, go to your browser’s navigation bar, select ‘Open file,’ then ‘Print.’ 


  2. From the Print form, select ‘Save as PDF’ as your destination. 

NOTE | Sign in to your Credly account anytime to view your AppDynamics badges and certifications. You do not need to download or copy them. 


Download your certificates

Next, download a copy of any course or instructor-led training completion certificate by following these instructions for each certificate. 

  1. Select ‘Courses’ or ‘ILT (Instructor-Led Training)’ and then the badge icon listed with the learning.  

                    NOTE | ‘Learning Plans’ don’t include completion certificates. 



  1. Repeat for the next certificate.

NOTE | Download each completion certificate that you would like to keep for your personal records. While we will be migrating your self-paced completion data, you may want to download a copy to keep them all in one place. 

 Each certificate will look similar to the following example: 


When you’re finished saving them, don’t forget to share your achievements.


definitely not a windows friendly process.


trying to do a ctrl+P to print to PDF its awful.  i would need to do print screen at least 5 times for courses for my 65 courses worked/in progress and learning paths is so zoomed in I cant show completes to in progress.  plus all the other issues with buttons showing the tags that make them work and the scroll bar.

it would be nice if their were an added feature that would grab the data and convert this text to PDF in some premade layout so it'd be quick and easy to do.


Hi @Shane.Cardwell , 

We appreciate your feedback and can sympathize with the cumbersome nature of this downloading task. Unfortunately, our platform has limitations and there is no transcript download option available. What you are doing now, which involves downloading the PDFs of each page, is the best way to capture all your learning information before the migration is over. Please note: Your 100% completed self-paced learning history will be available in Cisco U., if you want to focus your downloading efforts on just instructor-led completion.




Hello All,

I had successfully completed the ILT AppDynamics Essentials for SAP(B5ZPQ4V), but still it is showing In-Progress and no certificate is issued.

Also, unable to download the PDF for Courses, ILT and learning plans. It shows the download in progress and ends in unconfirmed download.

Few courses unable to complete since unable to scroll-up and down. May be some technical problem in recording or the pages.

However, the training / study material is well organized and user friendly.




Hi @Mahendra.Sonar ,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I am going to send you a direct message with some recommendations I have to troubleshoot these technical issues further.



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