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AppDynamics Team (Retired)


revised June 29, 2021

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Hello AppDynamics Candidates! We've got some exciting news!

The AppDynamics University Team is proud to announce the launch of our new official certification badges. Validate and promote your knowledge with our industry-recognized accreditations. 

Digital badges are the best tool to highlight your AppDynamics certifications and achievements on online profiles, resumes, and more. Join the group of AppDynamics certified professionals who are already sharing their skills this way. If you have any additional questions, please click the Comment button and add them, below. 

To read about AppDynamics technical certification badges, see Introducing new AppDynamics Learning Recognition Badges

Table of Contents

What are badges?

AppDynamics has included digital badges as an additional way for you to share and validate your achievements. These badges provide a secure and verifiable way to share your professional story. 

A digital badge consists of an image and metadata that are uniquely linked to you and your achievement. Your digitally shared credential grants viewers immediate access to validated information that features your knowledge and skills and verifies its issuance by Cisco and AppDynamics.

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What certification badges are offered?


We currently offer the following certifications: 

Certification badges are awarded after success in passing one of our certification exams. These examinations exemplify the most comprehensive knowledge of AppDynamics monitoring systems and, depending on the certification attained, one's ability to deploy the technology on-premises. 

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How do I earn an AppDynamics technical certification badge? 

First register for one of our three certification tracks.

Next, complete the recommended courses within the applicable Learning Plan at AppDynamics University and review the preparation guide.

Please note: The offered badges listed are subject to change over time

AppDynamics partners with Credly to deliver its Professional badges through its Acclaim platform. For a comprehensive view of our badge offerings, please visit our official Credly page.

Once you've successfully passed or completed your exam or course, Credly, our official badging partner, will send you email instructions for accepting and downloading your badge! 

Learn more about other Cisco Certifications on the Cisco Learning Network.

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How do I use an AppDynamics digital badge?

Use an AppDynamics digital badge to enhance your professional brand, by:

  • Sharing your digital badges on any online platform: social media, email signature, resume, website, online portfolio, and more.
  • Enabling potential employers to quickly validate your certifications and achievements.
  • Receiving personalized certification recommendations, based on your earned credentials.

You can also search for new opportunities and compare salaries related to your certifications.

For more information regarding AppDynamics Certification Policies, Terms & Conditions, please read here.

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What if I have passed an exam in the past?

Our system records account for all past candidates and students, allowing them to access their digital badges at any time on the Credly platform.

We are still in the process of rolling out badges, which we expect to expand over several months. If you know you are already certified but have not yet received an email from Cisco via Credly, please send us an email inquiry. This is only applicable for active certifications and courses, which are subject to update.

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Additional Resources

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or comment below. We can't wait to see what badges you will collect!

– AppDynamics University Team

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New Poster

Thanks for coming up with these badges. 

New Poster


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Great looking badges Certification Team @Johanna.Au and @Graeme.Johnston !


Thanks @Gaurav.Gupta and @Rafael.Ielo! We're so glad you both appreciate them! Please share the news with your colleagues!

New Poster

Looking forward for these certification badges.


Hi @Alfie.Ordona , We wish you the best of luck in your certification endeavors!


Why is "associate" in Analyst and Admin certifications? Are there another certifications as well for Analyst and Admin?

AppDynamics Team

Great question, @Shadab.Gaur We do not offer any certifications beyond Associate for Performance Analyst or Administrator at this time. However, we may offer additional certifications in the future.

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