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PHP Agent installation in linux


PHP Agent installation in linux


I have problem with installing  32 bit PHP agent on centos.

I tried with script file and rpm and got diffrent errors.

1. While trying with script file i got following error:

[Error] Agent installation does not contain PHP extension for PHP 7.2

AppDynamics PHP Agent installation has failed. Please check /tmp/appd_install_2019_10_15_00_43_17.log for
possible causes. Please also attach it when filing a bug report.


In agent log file:


ERROR test 19041 [config.ConfigChannel] No agent identity in config response: currentVersion: 1571080785089
timestampSkew: 0


2. While trying with rpm file i got following error. Even I have PHP binary in specified location got this error. 

 APPD_PHP_PATH=/usr/local/php56/bin/php rpm -i /tmp/appdynamics-php-agent.i686.rpm
[Error] Could not find PHP binary in specified location: /usr/local/php56/bin/php




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PHP Agent installation in linux