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Mulitple Feature Requests


Mulitple Feature Requests

POD Screen(under Server/Cluster)

Sort by Headers - Can the header's be sortable (ascending/descending) in case one was interested at quickly identifying Pods with high number of restarts or grouping by namespace.


Filter Criteria - the criteria options don't include options for the column headers. e.g. can't filter by Namespace or Host/Server 



I would like to be able to run a report to generate a custom dashboard into a PDF on demand. Under reports I can create a scheduled report that will email said report but there isn't a native option to create/run one of those reports via API. I have been able to achieve what I need via simulating front end (login, set cookie, post to  /restui/report/sendViaClient) but consider that a hack.



Dual Axis Graph fixed Y axis - For a single Axis graph I can specify Y Min/Max settings, but when you set it to Dual Axis graph there are no options for this.


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Mulitple Feature Requests
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Re: Mulitple Feature Requests

@Mike.Owen  thank you for submitting these ideas in the Idea Exchange. 


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