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Feature Request - Health Rule NOT Clause

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Feature Request - Health Rule NOT Clause

Hi all,

Looking for a feature request.



Under "Health Rules"... Affects, I would like to have the ability to have a "Tiers that (do/don't) match the following criteria" and "Nodes that (do/don't) match the following criteria".


Use Case:

When we have to tune a health rule for one particular tier, or nodes within a particular tier (because it performs differently than others in the same app), we will create a copy of that health rule and rename it with the tier name.  Currently, we would have just that tier (or nodes in that tier) belong to that health rule.  This is fine.  This issue is that we then edit the original health rule to include all of the tiers or nodes EXCEPT the one we moved off to its own health rule.  If our development teams then add another tier to that application, it will not be included in the alerting from the existing health rule without intervention.



We have over 100 AppD Applications each with dozens of Tiers in each.  This maintenance requirement makes the Health Rules difficult to manage in its current state.




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Feature Request - Health Rule NOT Clause
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Re: Feature Request - Health Rule NOT Clause



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