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Cannot Change timeframe on shared dashboards

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Cannot Change timeframe on shared dashboards

Hi All,


We recently update our Appdynamics controller to the newest release and have been seeing an odd issue since.


After updating to the lastest release two days ago anyone accessing our shared dashboards via the shared URL no longer has a drop down menu allowing them to adjust the timeframe visable. All of the shared views are set to the last 1 hour. I realize that in the HTML code there are clearly variables there showing it's 1 hour, but asking our users to use multiple different links depending on the timeframe they want isn't very practical.


Previously anyone accessing our dashboards via the Shared URL's had a small dropdown on top that allowed them to change to any of the timeframes that are present for a user who logs into the controller.


Has anyone else experience this or found a fix?


Thank you,



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Cannot Change timeframe on shared dashboards
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Re: Cannot Change timeframe on shared dashboards

I have the exact same issue. Because the drop down is missing, I have to log into AppDynamics and change the time frame and provide my team with screenshots every time they ask for metrics in specific time periods.