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4.4.3 Shipped May 4, check out highlights!

Community Manager

Hello Community!

We are very excited to announce general availability of version 4.4.3 [Shipped May 4, 2018]. The emergence of container technologies has drastically accelerated the use of cloud technologies and platforms along with dynamic deployment strategies like blue/green and canary. Application architectures continue to become more complex and dynamic, which only increases the need for the capabilities provided by APM solutions. In this release, we have focused on providing the enhancements and capabilities our users need to ensure the performance, availability and success of their applications in these ever dynamic environments.  


These release highlights will guide you through the newest features and capabilities. You’ll notice in the grid below that each feature enhancement calls out who in your organization may find this most interesting and may be most impacted.  

Helpful grid can be found here [More]...


4.4.3 Shipped May 4, check out highlights!