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Product Update, November 2019 (v4.5.16)

Table of Contents Feature Enhancements Heads Up - What Else You Should Know Beta Programs Resolved Issues Get Started Ask a Question   In November, we released the v4.5.16 Controller and Enterprise Console as well as key product enhancements and age...

In the Enterprise Console, why did the Add Host job fail?

Overview Within the Enterprise Console, there are distinct concepts of a Controller and a host. You can execute “add host” and “remove host” jobs from the Enterprise Console.    The typical “add host” job operations are:  Register the host.Install j...

Product Update, October 2019 (v4.5.15)

Table of Contents Feature Enhancements Heads Up - What Else You Should Know Beta Programs Resolved Issues Get Started Ask a Question   We have released the v4.5.15 Controller and Enterprise Console (actual date Nov 1). Below are key product enhancem...

How do I increase Controller and Agent ADD limits?

What are the steps when you want to increase Controller and Agent ADD limits? This article includes instructions to remediate ADD limits at Controller and Account levels.   Overview AppDynamics collects Application Diagnostic Data (ADD) with limits i...

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Get transaction analytics data without an Analytics Agent

Introducing Transaction Analytics without an Analytics Agent Getting started with AppDynamics Application Analytics is about to get much easier. In an upcoming release, we’re introducing Analytics without a dedicated Analytics Agent. You’ll be able ...


How do I use REST API calls in a PowerShell script?

Overview AppDynamics users can write their own monitoring extension scripts to add custom metrics to the set that AppDynamics already collects and reports to the Controller.  This article features resources (provided by AppDynamics) for Windows and P...

How can I manage my AppDynamics product notifications?

I want to view or change my product notifications. Where do I go?   You can manage product notifications you receive in the Accounts Management Portal.   Table of Contents Getting to my product notificationsAdditional Resources   Getting to my produ...

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Akash.Malad by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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How do I delete a Database Collector?

Table of Contents Overview Prerequisite How do I delete a Collector?   Overview The Database Collector is the process that runs within a Database Agent to collect performance metrics about your database instances and database servers. To enable the...

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Amit.Goyal by AppDynamics Team
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How can I view my available resources?

Step 1 - Sign in to AppDynamics, click the drop-down on the top right corner, then click Profile. The Overview page will appear.       Step 2 - On the Overview page, scroll down to the Resources section to see what resources (for example,  Professi...

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Where do I find my subscriptions and license details?

How can License Administrators manage subscriptions and license details? License Administrators have the ability to view and manage company subscriptions and license usage details. This article shows how a License Administrator can find that informa...

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Preparing for the Scopes Configuration Model migration

What do I need to know about migrating to  the Scopes-based transaction configuration model?   Table of Contents Background How long will the migration take? How can I minimize disruption during the migration?   Background Prior to v4.3, customers u...

Rakesh.Patel by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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Start the EUM Server on Windows with a Batch Command

If you are having trouble starting the EUM Server as a Windows service, you can use a batch command to start it.    Follow the steps below to use a batch command to start the EUM Server: Download the Apache Common Daemon Procrun.Create the file eum-...

Joe.Catera by AppDynamics Team
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