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Why am I seeing license limit notifications?

"Agent License Request Denied" and "Agent Authorization Denied" error message types result in license limit notifications There are two types of license-related error messages you could encounter: Agent License Request Denied, and  Agent Authorizatio...

Agent License Request Denied.png AgentAuthorizationDenied.png ApplicationScope.png

What happens if I delete a license rule?

Table of Contents: Deleting a Default License RuleDeleting a Custom License Rule   Deleting a Default License Rule We do not recommend deleting default license rules. Instead, we recommend changing all of the license entitlements to 0. If you do del...

What are some best practices for license management?

When managing your licenses, we recommend these best practices for an optimal experience: License RulesUninstrumented ApplicationsOrganizationNaming Conventions and Matching CriteriaDefault Rules and Access KeysAdditional Resources   License Rules C...

What are license rules and how do they work?

Find out about APM license allocation and how you can specify how many APM licenses to allocate to  applications and machines.   Table of Contents What are license rules?What is a default rule?What is a custom rule?What agents are supported via Licen...

License Rules Overview.jpeg Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 6.29.43 PM.png

How does AppDynamics license consumption work?

Table of Contents How does AppDynamics licensing consumption work in general?Why are my disabled agents consuming licenses?How is licensing consumption calculated for specific language agents?   How does AppDynamics licensing consumption work in gene...

How is Java Agent license consumption calculated?

Java Agents consume licenses on a per JVM basis and there is a 1:1 mapping between JVMs and license units. For example, if you have 5 JVMs running on the same host, they will consume 5 licenses. For details on Java license entitlements, see License ...

How is .NET Agent licensing consumption calculated?

For .NET, licenses are counted per unique host. This means that 1 host = X number of apps = X number of nodes = 1 license. You can monitor any number of .NET applications on a single box or virtual machine, and only one license will be consumed.   H...

How do I view license usage on the Subscription page?

Better to understand your SaaS Controller’s license consumption and limits with license usage graphs Note: License usage graphs are not available for on-prem Controllers.   In this article... How do I get to the Subscriptions page?How do I see recent...

Sign in Acccount | New UI 2020 0131 release.png Xnip2020-01-31_17-19-17.png 1_Subscriptions.png 2_Subscriptions_SaaS CocacolaEU.png

How do I allocate licenses for microservices?

Microservices are available for AppDynamics version 4.3+ Controller and Agents. For more information, see AppDynamics and microservices.   To allocate purchased licenses for microservices, create a new license rule.   Licenses screen   1. Create a n...

Licenses_shown.png Microservices_licenses.png license_allocation.png

How do I edit Agent permissions for non-admin users?

How do I resolve a non-admin user permissions errors in ALD, OIT, or custom memory structures?   Problem When a non-admin user runs automatic leak detections (ALD), object instance tracking(OIT), or Custom memory structures, they may see the followi...

Xnip2021-03-04_13-14-59.png 1NFElDDDXPwdP3-0FnUBN9j-kXnMjGHEJu99CltQL.png
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How do I use local login while SAML is enabled?

Question: How do I disable SAML, or use local login when SAML is enabled?   Answer:When SAML is enabled, a user can login using "local login" with or without disabling SAML. Use the hyperlink "Use Local Login" shown on the login screen below.   Us...


How do I change the Controller owner?

In order to change the owner of the Controller, complete the following steps.   Stop all running Controller services using the following command in the machine terminal. ./ stop Change the username and user group of the Controller di...

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