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How do Machine Agents calculate volume I/O metrics?

In order to calculate the volumes I/O metrics, a Machine Agent must use the disk file system command or df as well as the cat /proc/diskstats command in Linux. Then the Machine Agent matches the mount point and file system names of both of the comma...

How do I troubleshoot high CPU usage?

Use the following recommendations if high CPU usage occurs after attaching the AppDynamics agent: Disable aggressive slow snapshot collectionExclude specific hotspot interceptorsAsync InstrumentationDisable unwanted instrumentation from transaction ...

image.png exclude-interceptor disable_spring_ejb.png
Preet.Gaur by AppDynamics Team
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How do I export a spreadsheet of monitored servers?

As of 4.2.x, it is not possible to export a CSV file from the controller UI for all of the servers being monitored.   As a workaround, a user must capture the raw data and format it using Google Chrome browser, a text editor (our team recommends usin...

Servers Dashboard.png Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.10.27 PM.png Network Tab.png Specific Request.png

Why is the Machine Agent not reporting properly?

Users who are troubleshooting scenarios where the AppDynamics *Standalone Machine Agent is not reporting metrics as expected will find causes and solutions here. The following solutions apply to versions 4.4 and higher.   Contents: Installation issu...

pclark by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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