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How do I enable EUM on iQSonar?

iQSonar is an ASP.NET v4 MVC Razor application running in IIS.   Manually instrument iQSonar with EUM agent by adding  <script> window["adrum-app-key"] = "YOUR-AD-RUM-KEY"; </script> <script src=""></s...

What is a unique mobile user?

Question What is a Unique Mobile Users?  Answer All users are counted by calendar month. One unique mobile user represents one installation of a mobile application instrumented with the AppDynamics iOS or Android SDK.    For example, - If you install...

Use Browser EUM without instrumenting application agent

Question Can we use EUM to monitor the end user experience in Browser without instrumenting the server side application ? Answer We can use the end user experience without instrumenting the server side application with application agent. However t...

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