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Cross Domain Session Correlation - FAQ

Question: Why are the Agent IDs used for Cross Domain Session Correlation different for each enabled application?   Answer: This is not the expected behavior, as the Agent IDs should be the same for each application using Cross Domain Session Correla...

How do I migrate the EUM Server from Windows to Linux?

When migrating an EUM Server from Windows to Linux, a user might incorrectly assume that the Controller is also migrated, which takes care of the MySQL backup. The Controller database and the EUM Processor store must be migrated separately.   Users ...

Chitra.Lal by AppDynamics Team
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How to debug a browser page by modifying adrum.js

Users can debug a browser page with EUM instrumented pages using the JavaScript agent (adrum.js).   Within the Google Chrome browser, launch developer tools (ALT+CMD+I) by clicking on View > Developer > Developer Tools in the browser toolbar. Add t...


How do I symbolicate mobile crash reports?

Symptoms In the controller UI, iOS crashes are not symbolicated by default. To get human-readable crash stack traces that can be easily understood, use a platform-specific mapping file that can translate the raw data into human readable output.   iO...

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Amit.Jha by AppDynamics Team
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