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Why aren't my health rule policies triggering?

Health rules are based on one or more of an application's performance metrics and let you specify the parameters for what is consider “normal” for your application. When the health rule is violated, an event is raised that triggers a health policy. ...

How do I enable Flash in Chrome?

Table of Contents Issue Enabling Flash Additional Recommendations   Issue When clicking on certain screens in the Controller (e.g., Analytics → Configuration), you may encounter the message "Please install Flash to use this feature" in the top right ...

Please install flash.png Ephemeral Flash Permissions.png Allow Flash.png Allow Flash.png
Preet.Gaur by AppDynamics Team
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Performance and Controller sizing guidelines

Many users ask for hardware and software recommendations for the Controller host in order to set up and deploy AppDynamics. The following information is specific to versions 4.4 and higher.    Please keep in mind that every deployment is unique and ...

Erin by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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How do I change the Controller HTTP port?

To change the Controller from default port 8090 to an open HTTP port, make the following changes to file <controller>\appserver\glassfish\domains\domain1\config\domain.xml.   1. Search for the following:   <network-listener port="8090" protocol="htt...

How do I display a complete SQL statement in a snapshot?

Problem: When a SQL statement is truncated, the full statement is not displayed in a snapshot. By default, a snapshot will only display up to 999 characters from a SQL statement.     Solution: Create a node property with the following information, a...

Computing RAID IOPS

  This information is available from the drive's manufacturer.   Calculate a Single Drive's IOPS For Rotating MediaFor Solid State Drives   For Rotating Media IOPS are used to define the performance of a given disk or array. To calculate the actual ...

RAID Controller Choices - Hardware vs Software

You have a choice of either hardware or software when configuring your RAID controller. As with all hardware parity-based RAID controllers, the computation of the parity and the strip size are the two most important considerations. Hardware controll...

RAID Types and Comparison

Table of Contents RAID 0 RAID 1 RAID 5 RAID 6 RAID 10 RAID 50 RAID 60   RAID 0 A RAID 0 configuration combines two or more devices by striping/spanning data across them. Striping is a technique that breaks up the data into chunks/segments/strips, an...

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RAID Overview and Configuration

The following articles were compiled and written by @george.herman. To provide feedback, comment below or in the individual articles directly.   RAID Introduction RAID Types and Comparison RAID Controller Choices - Hardware vs. Software Computing RA...

RAID Introduction

RAID stands for Redundant Arrays of Independent/Inexpensive Disks. By combining drives in various configurations, administrators can achieve greater performance and/or redundancy than when the drives are operated alone.   RAID can be implemented as e...

SaaS Network IP Range Requirements

IP Ranges to connect to AppDynamics SaaS Controller, Analytics and EUM   AppDynamics SaaS customers must make sure that their Agents can communicate to the AppDynamics SaaS Infrastructure (including the Controller, Analytics, and EUM) from the custom...

How to enable debug logging for Platform Admin tool

How do I enable debug logging for the Platform Admin tool?   Debug logging can be helpful for getting detailed information when troubleshooting any issue. However, since debug logging generates a large amount of logging, it is not enabled by defau...

Amit.Jha by AppDynamics Team
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