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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

My application is start-up is taking longer after I added an AppDynamics Agent. Why does this happen and how do I resolve it?

Delays in application start-up time after adding an Agent can be due to the Agent requesting configuration details from the JVM.

By default, the Agent reserves 60 seconds to get a response from the Controller and start the instrumentation process. In some cases, it takes longer to get a response which in turn causes a delay.

Change the following system property to 3 seconds, and the instrumentation request will be issued in parallel with application startup. Changing the parameter will have no impact on the application.


How do I resolve these application delays?

You can resolve the delay by changing the timeout system property from the default 60 seconds to 3 seconds. The instrumentation request will be issued in parallel with application startup. This parameter change will not have any impact on the application. 

  • While running the agent, add the following system property to the Agent configuration:

    java -Dappagent.start.timeout=3000 -javaagent:<AgentInstallDir>/verx.x.x/javaagent.jar​

We've tried adding the timeout=3 in the java option but it increased the time instead of decrease.  Is there another was of achieving a quicker response time?

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

@Richard.Walls, it looks like more investigation is needed to resolve the specific response time issue you're experiencing. I spoke with @Rajendra.Nautiyal, and his feeling is that further troubleshooting will take a thorough log file review—which makes your question more suited to opening a Support ticket.

Thank you for bringing the conversation to the Community! If you discover a shareable cause, please don't hesitate to post. 

Claudia Landivar
Community Manager & Editor

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