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Why can't I start the Events Service after an abrupt shutdown?


If the Events Service is not stopped gracefully before restarting the system, or if the Events Service process is killed abruptly, the Events Service start will fail. The Events Service log will have the below entry:


ERROR] [main] [c.a.common.framework.AbstractApp] Severe error occurred while starting 
application [events-service-api-store]. Shutdown procedure will commence soon
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to create file 
[/opt/AppDynamics/Controller/events_service/bin/../] to store the process id because it already exists. Please stop any currently running process and delete the process id file




A graceful shutdown of the Events Service results in clearing the At the next startup, this file is created again by the Events Service. When the Events Service is shut down abruptly, this file is not removed so, during the next startup, the Events Service will not be able to create this file. This causes the start-up failure for the Events Service.



Remove the file located in <EventsServiceHome> directory and then start the Events Service process.


To avoid this scenario, always perform a graceful shutdown of the Events Service.

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After our system had an outtage the described issue occured, thanks for the public solution.


Thanks for the feedback @Christopher.Berger. Any additional tips or comments you could add here?