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Why can't I create an EUM application with the same name as an existing APM application? Why can't I enable EUM on existing APM applications?



As of version 4.3, users need to create an EUM application with a different name for a related APM application. We have separated the EUM application from the APM application.


This design change is due to many real-world situations where a server-side application can have many front-end applications, and a front-end application can make calls to many back-end applications. So there is no one-to-one mapping.


As a best practice, users should be tracking APM applications separate from their EUM application.


So beginning with version 4.3, a user will need to create an EUM application outside of their APM application under the 'User Experience' tab in the Controller UI.


Additionally, users can no longer turn on/off EUM capabilities from an APM application. Enabling and disabling EUM applications can only be done from the EUM Application > Configuration > Instrumentation page in the UI.


Note: This change does not impact the correlation between the APM application and their related EUM applications.



APM application can still be used to:

  1. Turn on/off the correlation between EUM Browser Requests and backend APM BT Transactions.
  2. Turn on/off Automatic/Attribute injections. 

Everything else is configured and monitored from the EUM application. See: Set Up and Access Browser RUM.


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