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Why aren't EUM license details showing on the Controller license page?

Problem Description:

When viewing the Controller's license page one is unable to see the EUM license details. 


















The investigation into the EUM license details not appearing in the Controller's UI begins with the Controller's ability to communicate / register the EUM portion of the license with the EUM Server. Although the Controller is attempting direct communication with the EUM Server, the Events Service (Analytics Processor) also plays an indirect role in this communication. The EUM Server relies on the Events Service to be running in order to start up. If the Events Service is not running or the EUM Server cannot properly communicate with the Events Service then the EUM Server will eventually fail to start. If the EUM Server fails to start then any connection attempt from the Controller to the EUM Server will likely not succeed. The bottom line is that all three hosts must be in communication for successful EUM license registration to occur and render EUM licensing information on the Controller's license page.



In diagnosing a problem like this it is always a good idea to pull all the relevant log file. I've listed the names of each of the log files and what host they can be found on. On all three hosts there should be a directory called 'logs' which lives inside the home directory for the associated product.


Controller - server.log 


Events Service - events-service-api-store.log


EUM Server - eum-processor.log 


In this particular case I was able to find a log entry from the eum-processor.log file which stated there was an error starting the EUM Processor Server. I've highlighted the key elements in the log snippet below which tell us where to begin our investigation


06 Dec 2016 17:57:34.681 -0800  main                  AD.ALL                    ERROR  
 |    Error Starting EUM Processor Server
 |    java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: bulk update event type=MobileSessionRecord failed!!!  url=http://localhost:9080/v2/events/MobileSessionRecord/_bulk, key=MGE1OT...
 |    {"statusCode":401,"code":"Auth.Unauthorized","message":"The supplied auth information is incorrect or not authorized.","developerMessage":""}

The EUM Server failed to start which meant the EUM host could not listen on TCP port 7001, therefore preventing successful connections from the Controller host. The other important details in this log entry tell us that the supplied auth information is incorrect or not authorized when attempting authorization with the Events Service at the url http://localhost:9080. Now that we have a starting point we must configure the correct authorization key for the EUM Server.



Update the authorization key used by the EUM Server so that it can communicate with the Events Service. Assuming no other issues exist, the EUM Server should be able to start up. Once we can confirm the EUM Server is started we can then confirm the Controller can properly communicate/register the EUM license details with the EUM Server.


How does one find the correct authorization key needed for EUM Server/Event Service communication?

The file in the conf directory of your Events Service installation is where this authorization key is set. In the majority of cases, the authorization key is a randomly generated UUID. Please see the snippet below which shows the property where the EUM Server's authorization (access) key is set.



The value set for the EUM Server is c9053630-84e4-4b61-9e49-b092b95c9c95​.Now that we know the correct key value we can go to the EUM Server to update the incorrectly set value.


How does one set/update the EUM Server's authorization key?
From the file which resides in the bin directory of your EUM Server's installation. Specifically, there is a section dedicated to setting up the communication between the EUM Server and the Events Service. The property analytics.accountAccessKey is the one we are interested in. As can be seen in the sample below it appears the access key is 1a59d1ac-4c35-4df1-9c5d-5fc191003441​ which does not match c9053630-84e4-4b61-9e49-b092b95c9c95. 


# Analytics server properties

Assuming this is the only issue, resolution can be found by updating the analytics.accountAccessKey property in the file to use the ad.accountmanager.key.eum property value from the file. There are a few steps which must take place.

1. Update the analytics.accountAccessKey value ​in the file to c9053630-84e4-4b61-9e49-b092b95c9c95​. The results of the above steps should show the file with the following values:


# Analytics server properties

2. Please save the file.
3. Please attempt to start the EUM Server from the eum-processor directory like so:


bin/ start &

4. We recommend reviewing the latest eum-processor.log file to ensure the EUM Server starts up properly.

5. Assuming the EUM Server starts properly we should be able to the correct EUM license details from the Controller's license page



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