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What happened to my pending invited users?

I can't find my pending invited users

The Accounts October update offers centralized and streamlined user management. As part of this experience, we have removed the notion of inviting users to join accounts.


This change does NOT impact any Controller users: it only applies to the services.


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What does “pending” mean now?

The new user management framework no longer includes user invitations as part of the onboarding process. Now, “pending” is one of 3 possible user states (in addition to Active and Disabled). 


Distinct from the previous concept of “pending user invites”, when a user is in a “Pending” state now, it means:

“user has not completed their account and logged in” 


Where are my old pending user invites?

Any pending user invites from before the October release have been removed. 



Our data shows that nearly all user invites that will be used are accepted within the day—so it’s most likely that very few, if any, of the lingering pending invites would have become users.


How can I make sure those pending invited users get access to my company?

If, as an AppDynamics Admin, you'd like to ensure that users that had pending invites become actual users, you can add them directly using the below instructions. 


If you are a user who had a pending invitation, please contact an AppDynamics Admin at your company and have them register your email with


How do I add users in the Accounts User Management experience?


  1. On the User Management page, click the “+” (Add User) button in the action bar.4 Add user@2x.png


  2. On the Add User dialog, enter the new user’s account information and assign access and role permissions.5 Assign role@2x.png


    The user’s email address is required to create the user account, while their first and last names are optional.

    The user will be able to set own their names.
  3. Use the checkboxes to assign the user’s roles. 
  • Community - All users get the ability to post in Community
  • Support User - may create and manage support tickets
  • License Administrator - may assign users access to subscription and license information
  • Company Administrator - may manage users and their roles

  1. To save the user information you entered and save the new user’s account, click the Save button.

The newly added user will appear in the company listing page with a status of “Pending”. The individual will receive a welcome email with a link that will enable them to complete their profile and password. On completion, their account status will change to “Active”. 


  1. Back on the User Listing page, look for a confirmation notice below the action bar:  <user’s email> has been successfully added

    You can also scroll or search for your new user to see the new record.


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