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Upgrading Events Service Cluster with Platform Admin Tool Fails--How Do I Upgrade?


I am upgrading my 3-node Events Service cluster from version to using the Platform Admin tool and the upgrade fails. How am I supposed to upgrade my cluster?


Platform Admin Output:


[appdynamics@controller platform_admin]$ bin/ start-platform-admin

Using MySQL configuration file: /opt/AppDynamics/Controller/platform_admin/../db/db.cnf

Starting Platform Admin application

Waiting for the Platform Admin application to start......

***** Platform Admin application started on port 9191 *****
[appdynamics@controller platform_admin]$ bin/ upgrade-events-service

Upgrading Events Service cluster.

Events Service upgrade failed. Disable Transient Rebalancing failed


1) 4 RHEL Linux hosts (Controller + 3 Events Service Nodes)
2) Successful Controller upgrade to version
3) Disabled all firewalls between the Controller and ES Cluster nodes
4) Cluster health check from Platform Admin Tool yields HEALTHY cluster
5) JAVA_HOME variable is properly set on all hosts

6) Java version 1.7.x


[appdynamics@controller platform_admin]$ echo $JAVA_HOME


[appdynamics@node01 ~]$ echo $JAVA_HOME


[appdynamics@node02 ~]$ echo $JAVA_HOME


[appdynamics@node03 ~]$ echo $JAVA_HOME


Upgrade each Events Service node manually instead of using the Platform Admin tool. Please use the following instructions to complete the manual upgrade:


Please note that you will need to manually start the Events Service on each of the nodes prior to managing/monitoring them with the Platform Admin Tool.

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