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Troubleshooting Agent Issues - Reporting and Connectivity




Q. The agent is not reporting to the Controller. What steps should I take to troubleshoot this issue?


A. Look for the following error messages in the agent logs and check these items on the machine where the agent is installed: How to troubleshoot agent not reporting to the Controller




Q. How do I resolve the Standalone Machine Agent not reporting metrics as expected?


A. There are numerous reasons why a Machine Agent would not report to the Controller. Find solutions to the most common issues here: Machine Agent Not Reporting




Q. What do I do when the agent log file is empty or nothing is being reported to the Controller?


A. The solution could be anywhere from directory installation to network connectivity. Find solutions to the most common issues here: App Agent Not Reporting




Q. What happens when the agent is not able to communicate with the Controller due to connectivity issues?


A. If you are seeing the following error message in the logs, check the SSLEnabled property in controller-info.xml file or any parameters configured in startup files. Ensure that SSLEnabled is set to true  for HTTPS, and false for HTTP.


[Thread-0] 22 Nov 2017 09:09:43,469 ERROR ConfigurationChannel - Exception: failed to respond org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException: failed to respond



Q. What are some other common reasons why an agent would not report to the Controller?


A. If the agent logs are empty, it is possible that the user starting the application server does not have correct permissions on the agent folder. Check permissions in the agent folder and sub-folders.


Additionally, check for any connectivity issues, check the application name, tier name and node name, and make sure the Controller host and port are correct. If multi-tenant Controller, check the account settings. 




Q. What would cause the Machine Agent to report all metrics as zero?


A. Use the following steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Verify in the machine agent log that the Machine Agent is only collecting zero-values.
  2. Change permissions on the machine agent installation folder for the user ID which the Machine Agent was started under chmod -R 777 <machine-agent-install>.
  3. Restart the Machine Agent and verify that the zero values are no longer being reported.
  4. If restarting does not help, then disable Sigar Hardware monitoring located in the JavaHardwareMonitoring directory.
    • In the monitor.xml file (located at: <machine-agent-install>/monitors/JavaHardwareMonitor/*) change the enabled property to false.
    • Example:

      <monitor> <name>SigarHardwareMonitor</name> 
      <enabled>true</enabled> ---> change this to false –> <enabled>false</enabled>
  5. And enable OS-specific hardware monitoring found in the HardwareMonitoring directory. 
    • In monitor.xml file (location: <machine-agent-install>/monitors/HardwareMonitor/*
      <enabled>false</enabled> ---> change this to true –> <enabled>true</enabled>
  6. Restart the Machine Agent and verify that the zero values are no longer being reported.


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Published 2/26/2018

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