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Serverless APM for AWS Lambda: Limited Availability

As we are all well aware, serverless computing is an increasingly important part of the toolbag offered by cloud vendors, primarily due to the promise of cost savings vs deploying equivalent services on dedicated cloud resources. The Lambda function capability offered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) is pre-eminent among these offers. Due to the dynamic and stateless nature of these functions, monitoring these runtimes present a unique challenge to companies that want to ensure high performing applications that are always available for end-users.

In order to bring the power of the AppDynamics end-to-end Business Transaction context to microservices deployed in the Amazon serverless environment, AppDynamics has released a new special purpose “Serverless Compute” Agent family, the first iteration of which is delivered in the form of a tracer library, focused on supporting AWS Lambda functions implemented in Java.

Appdynamics SaaS customers using Java Lambda microservices as part of a hybrid application architecture can extend the benefits of end to end transaction visibility to their serverless components, linking client requests with the resultant backend activity in any combination of serverless or conventional services


During the initial release period, SaaS customers can gain access to this new level of production visibility completely free of charge.  Please contact your sales representative to join the limited release program and get started.

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