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Release Upgrade Checklist for EUM Servers, Agents, and SDKs

To make sure you complete all the tasks necessary for upgrading your EUM Server, Agents, and SDKs after a release, we recommend following the instructions in our upgrade checklist. This guide is not release-specific and can be referenced for any release.



  1. Review the Product Announcements and Alerts page for details on any intermediate versions between the current version of your instance and the version you are targeting.

  2. Review the compatibility matrix in our Community and documentation for various components of the AppDynamics environment.
  3. Review our EUM component compatibility article for details specific to EUM.
  4. Review the Mobile Agent Version and Deployment Support Matrix to determine the minimum versions of the Controller and EUM Server required for supporting the latest features of the Mobile Agents.
  5. For platforms where the Controller, EUM Server, and Events Service are being upgraded at the same time: The Controller version should be <= the Events Service version and you should perform the upgrades in a specific order. See Upgrade Platform Components for details on the upgrade order and instructions on upgrading the Events Service, which should be upgraded before the EUM Server.


Upgrading the EUM Server (on-premises only)

  1. The EUM Server version should be <= Events Service version
  2. Ensure the key matches between the Events Service, EUM Server, and Controller: analytics.accountAccessKey == ad.accountmanager.key.eum For instructions on configuring EUM connection settings, see: Connect to the Events Service
  3. See Upgrade the Production EUM Server for step-by-step instructions. In addition to upgrading your server, you will need to follow the instructions on migrating your EUM data. For the 4.5 production EUM Server, the EUM MySQL database has been moved from the Controller host machine to the EUM Server host machine.
    1. Tip! If your are on a production EUM Server 4.3 or earlier, follow the additional steps called out in the documentation linked above (steps B, F, and G).
  4. After upgrading your EUM Server, you can upgrade your Controller following the steps outlined here.


Upgrading the EUM Agents/SDKs

  1. Upgrade the JavaScript Agent
    1. Tip! If you are a 4.4 SaaS customer and have an EUM license, we recommend upgrading to the latest JavaScript Agent. See: Upgrade the JavaScript Agent
  2. Upgrade the Mobile Agents
    1. See Upgrade iOS SDK for step-by-step instructions on upgrading manually or using CocoaPods.
    2. See Upgrade the Android Mobile Agent for step-by-step instructions on upgrading the Android SDK in your app.
    3. See Upgrade the Xamarin Agent for step-by-step instructions on upgrading the Xamarin Agent package in your app.
  3. Upgrade the IoT SDKs
    1. See Upgrade the IoT C++ SDK for step-by-step instructions.
    2. See Upgrade the IoT Java SDK for step-by-step instructions.


Instructions for upgrading other AppDynamics components are available in our general Release Upgrade Checklist.


Last Updated: 3/15/19

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