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Instrumenting JDBC driver for Vertica database with AppDynamics

If an AppDynamics Agent fails to instrument JDBC driver for Vertica database, Vertica backend calls will not be visible. 


To diagnose this issue, use the following API calls to verify if Agent is able to apply the interceptors.


com.vertica.jdbc.SPreparedStatement, com.vertica.jdbc.VerticaPreparedStatement



com.vertica.jdbc.SConnection, com.vertica.jdbc.SConnectionHandle


To resolve the issue, add the following classes for each of the four node-level properties.



jdbc-callable-statements = com.vertica.jdbc.SCallableStatement

jdbc-statements= com.vertica.jdbc.SStatement,com.vertica.jdbc.VerticaStatement

jdbc-connections = com.vertica.jdbc.VerticaConnection,com.vertica.jdbc.SConnection,com.vertica.jdbc.SConnectionHandle


Follow the documentation to add a registered node property.


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