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How to enable EUM debug logging for appdynamics .net app agent

 How to enable EUM debug logging for .Net app agent:


Go to installation directory and edit the AppDynamicsAgentLog.config as follows:


Under <targets> section add:

<target name="eumlog" xsi:type="File" archiveAboveSize="5000000" maxArchiveFiles="5" createDirs="True" fileName="C:\ProgramData\AppDynamics\DotNetAgent\Logs\eumlog.txt" layout="${longdate} ${processid} ${processname} ${threadid} ${level} ${logger:shortName=True} ${message}" />


Under <rules> section add:

<logger name="com.appdynamics.eum.*" minLevel="Trace" writeTo="eumlog" final="true" />

 Note: Save the file and you don't have to restart the agent as its dynamic. You will see the log file getting generated as shown in the below screenshot


log configlog configeum logeum log______________________________________________

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