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Users who are configuring a snapshot repository to take backups of the Events Service cluster, as outlined in the documentation (Back Up Events Service Data), within a Windows environment may encounter the following error message:


Command to configure snapshot repository:


D:\events-service>bin\events-service.exe snapshot-configure-fs -p conf\

Output of the above command:


[2017-05-10T16:36:39,389+04:00] Error occurred [Error executing request to event service. Status code: [500]. Exception message: ["Unknown server error: [[\\localhost\\appdynamics-events-service-backup] location [\\\\localhost\\appdynamics-events-service-backup\\appdynamics-events-service-cluster] doesn't match any of the locations specified by path.repo]"]. For more information, view the event service logs.] 


Examples for property in the file that all yield the same error:

  • \\localhost\appdynamics-events-service-backup
  • \\\\localhost\\appdynamics-events-service-backup
  • {BACKUP_HOME} as an environment variable


The following prerequisites need to be completed before configuring an Events Service snapshot repository within a Windows environment:


  1. Map the directory as a writable network drive.
  2. Create a network share with the user running the snapshot commands and give the administrator read/write access.
  3. Verify that the network share is accessible from ALL the nodes of the Events Service cluster. 

    • The value of the property must be the same between all nodes.



Update the\\\\localhost\\appdynamics-events-Service-backup on all nodes and restart them all before attempting the snapshot command.



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