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Follow the five steps below to upload requested files to the AppDynamic drop zone for your Zendesk help ticket. The drop zone is designed to handle uploads of files exceeding the 20 MB limit of the support system. It provides a web-based (HTTPS-secured) upload mechanism capable of handling files in the multi-gigabyte range.


1. Navigate to the AppDynamics drop zone URL that is sent to you in your Zendesk help ticket and enter the same email address used for your AppDynamics account and Zendesk. Please note that the link is ticket-specific.

Example URL:

DropZone Step 1.png


2. Select the file(s) to upload by dragging them into the "Drag files here or click to add file" field.
Alternatively, click on the field, select the file(s) to upload, and click "Open."

Important: There is some browser-side pre-processing of the file(s) that may take time, depending on the file size. When this is completed, the drop zone will show the file(s) first as "%" processed and then as "Completed." Please note that this does NOT mean the file was already uploaded.


3. Submit the selected file(s) for upload.

Dropzone Step 3.png


4. The AppDynamics drop zone will display a confirmation message after successfully completing the upload.

Dropzone Step 4.png


5. At this point, you are done. If necessary, you can "Upload More Files" in case you missed one. In your ticket view, you should see a comment like the one below confirming the upload.

Dropzone Step 5.png


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