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How do I update a MAC Address when I need to move my Controller's license?

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How do I update the machine associated with my license?

How do I work with MAC address change limits?



AppDynamics licenses for on-premises Controllers are tied to the MAC address of the machine on which the Controller is installed. In rare cases, you may need to move the Controller and its license to a new machine. In such an event, you can update the MAC address associated with your license.


If you have an on-premises paid permanent license, you can see the Manage MAC Address tab on your subscription page. The Primary User for the license in the account can see both Edit and History action links. If you are logged in to the portal as an additional contact, only the History action is available.


How do I update the machine associated with my license?

Step 1 - Sign in to Appdynamics, then click the drop-down on the top right corner, and click Subscriptions.




Step 3 - On the Subscriptions page, find the Controller subscription information by entering your on-premise license ID into the Search field on the top right. When the corresponding subscription appears, click it's link in the Name field.





Step 4 - Click the License details tab.





Step 5 - On the License Details page, click the Manage License Users button.





Step 6 -The License User Management page will open in a new tab with the targeted (on-premise) license selected.




Step 7 - Scroll down below the My Subscriptions table and click the Mac Address History button. The MAC address will appear. Then, click on the corresponding Edit link.





 Step 8 - Update the field with the new machine's MAC Address, then click the Save button.





Step 9 - Look for the change confirmation message: "Your MAC address has been updated successully".





Step 10 - You will receive an email with the new License file.


How do I work with MAC address change limits?

It is important to note that the MAC Address can be changed up to 3 times within a 12-month period.

If you need to change it again, you will need to contact your account owner. 




The MAC Address  button shows you a history of past updates for the license.

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