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How do I troubleshoot agents not reporting to the Controller?

When the agent is not reporting to the Controller, troubleshoot by checking the following items on the machine where the agent is installed.


  1. Is the agent log empty? 
    • If nothing is reported on the Controller, it is possible that the user starting the application server does not have the necessary permissions on the Agent directory. 
    • The user requires read, write and execute permission on the agent directory. Also, the agent should be installed with the same user with which application process is running.
    • To resolve this issue, check permissions in the agent directory and sub-directories. Example: <AgentDir>/ver4.x.x.x/.
  2. Are there network connectivity issues between the agent and Controller?
    • Use the following command to test connectivity:
    • curl -v https://<controllerHost>:<port>/controller
      telnet <controllerHost>
      traceroute <controllerHost> 
  3. Look for a 401 Unauthorized error message in the agent logs.
    • This error message usually indicates that the account name or access key are missing or incorrectly configured.
  4. If the agent is using SSL port 8181, check that the ssl-enabled property has a value of true in the configuration file.
  5. Verify the application name, tier name and node name are all correct.
  6. Check the agent logs for a license-related error (see below).
    • Verify if the license count limit has been reached.
WARN ConfigurationChannel - ResponseReadException creating Response Wrapper [e], : Error in controller in processing binary request AppAgent Config Data  - Agent license request denied. 


Additional troubleshooting resources:

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These are excellent steps!  Thanks,

The only thing I will add is that to check the Blue notifications icon next the the gear symbol.  Most likely the issue is registered in the Notifications at the Vontroller interface.



License (Expired, Limit Reached, Invalid File, Not Found)
02/15/18 8:20:01 AM
Agent license request denied. Agent type: java-machine-agent; Host: ip-10-4xxxxxxxx55.ixxglobal.local; License Rule: SIO_PreProd; Reason: License limit hit for license_rule

I commonly use chown -R user:group appdynamics

If your user is "jboss" chown -R jboss:jboss appdynamics

this gives the app agent user jboss complete ability to navigate the /opt/appdynamics forlder and all sub folders.  If user "jboss" as an example does not have rights to navigate to root owned folders within appdynamics, then the agent would not be able to write to log files that is required by the application.

The above could be one of the main causes to permission denied.