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How do I set up an alert for when an AppDynamics Agent is down?



Step 1 - Set a health rule

A. In order to receive an email alert when an app agent or machine agent is down, the user will need to set up a health rule from the Controller UI. 





B. Set the health rule to affect application performance.




C. Use option SUM instead of VALUE and take 10 minutes of data to evaluate if the agent is down to avoid false alerts due to network delays or delayed packet.




Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 1.11.58 PM.png


 Note: For machine agent availability, select the availability metric under Agent > machine.




Step 2 - Create an action to send an email when the Agent is down

A. From the Controller UI, create a new action.




B. Enter the email address that should receive the alert.





Step 3 - Create a policy and select the health rule on which the policy should be evaluated

A. From the Controller IU, create a new policy.




B. Select the email address.




More information:

For instructions on how to set up alerts to monitor the health status of your application, please visit the resources below:


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Hi ,


What if the Application Don't get Sufficent load for last 30 minutes ? Still App agent woud be Going down right ? How to overcome this scenario ?

App agent is down we create the health rule from the above procedure, Can we use the same health rule for multiple Applications?


@Abhilash.C@Naveen kumar.Ganipisetty ,


The above mentioned procedure will trigger the alert even if the agent goes down and not reporting (Evaluate to true on no data checkbox should be checked). All the HRs will be created under specific application only. 




HI Vijay,


Why there is a  difference when its app agent SUM < 5 and machine SUM>5. Also, why do we use a custom metric, cant we just use node health option?




Hi @Anand.Shibaragatti ,


For both App agent and Machine agent, SUM should be less than the respective value. There is no difference in the availability metric for agents.


Custom Metric shown here is for representation purpose only. This method works fine, if you select availability metric in any other way.




Hi Vijay,


Thanks I used the same SUM  < specific value 5 for last 10 mins.  Hope this works. 


Any idea how this can be used in cloud where the servers are dynamic. 




Hi, @Anand.Shibaragatti


Are you in a position to share how using the SUM <specific value 5 for 10 minutes worked out for you? Hope things are progressing.


Claudia Landivar

Communuty Manager & Editor