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How do I manage Portal users (Admin access only)?

Company Administrators (not available with self-service trials) have the ability to manage user access for AppDynamics Portal. Once a user has been enabled, they'll have the ability to access pages on Portal, submit Support tickets, download AppDynamics Software with cURL, and manage their own profiles. This article walks Admins through how to:


After logging into, mouse over your name in the top-right corner of the page, and click the Manage Users link to reach the Users page. 

Click Manage Users.png


Add User

There are two ways a Company Admin can bring users into their organization’s Portal account:

  1. Adding a new user
  2. Inviting an existing user

In most cases, you will use this Add User workflow outlined below to invite a new user to the account. If you had tried adding a user and received the error “The user you are trying to add already exists in the system. You can invite users to join your organization from user listing page,” that user already has an AppDynamics account with that email address. In this situation, you would use the Invite an existing user workflow.


1. From the Users page, click the Add User button.

Manage_Users 2.png


2. Enter the user's email address and name, and select checkboxes to grant required access. Click the Submit button to finish adding the user. For instructions on how that user will accept the invitation, click here.
Manage_Users 3.png


Edit User

1. From the Users page, click on the username that needs to be edited. 

Manage_Users 4.png


2. Make the required changes and click the Submit button.

Manage_Users 5.png


Disable User

A disabled user can no longer sign in to the portal experience and will be unable to access any Portal capabilities. They can be re-enabled by the Company Admin if needed.


1. From the Users page, click on the username that needs to be disabled.           Manage_Users 4.png


2. Click on the Actions drop-down menu and select Disable User.        

Manage_Users 6.png


Manage_Users 7.png


3. To disable multiple users, use the checkboxes to select users and click the Disable User(s) button.

Manage_Users 8.png


Enable user

1. From the Users page, click on the Disabled Users tab.

Manage_Users 9.png


2. Use the checkboxes to select a user or multiple users, then click the Enable Users button.

Manage_Users 10.png


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No manage users option.

@Eliot.Chan This could happen for two reasons:

1. You will only see the "Manage Users" option if you are a Company Admin. In this case, you would need to contact your Admin. If you do not know who to reach out to within your organization, we recommend starting with your company's IT department.


2. If you are currently in a self-service trial, this option won't be available.