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How do I control the threshold for the "Resource Pool Limit Reached" event?

The property that controls the threshold for the Resource Pool Limit Reached event is jmx-metric-threshold-percentage, which can be used to change the limit from the default of 80% to a higher or lower number. It requires a restart of the agent JVM to apply this change.


Example: A user wants to increase the threshold to 90%.


  1. In <agent_home>/versionXXXX/conf/app-agent-config.xml add the following property: 
    • <property name="jmx-metric-threshold-percentage" value="90"/>
  2. Restart the JVM.

Note: On success, in the agent*.0.log the user will see the following message: DEBUG AgentConfigWatchdog - added service properties [{jmx-metric-threshold-percentage=90....

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