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How do I accept an invite to Portal or the License Team?

Two types of invitations a person could receive related to their AppDynamics account:

  1. An invitation to be a user on their organization’s Portal account
  2. An invitation to be a License Contact (License Additional User)

We’ve outlined the process for accepting each type of invitation below.


Accept an invite for your organization’s Portal account

There are two ways a Company Admin may bring you into their organization:

  1. Adding you as a new user
  2. Inviting you as an existing user


If you were added as a new user

If an admin has invited you as a new user, this means that you don’t already have an account registered in the AppDynamics system. Follow the instructions below for accepting an invitation:


1. You will receive an invitation via the email account entered by the Company Admin.

2. Click the Set Your Password button.

Add a new user.png


3. Once you’ve set a password and completed your profile, you will be registered to the account and taken to the Account page. You must log in using the same email address that was used to send you the invitation. If you try logging in using a different email address, you will receive an error.


If you were invited as an existing user

If you have an AppDynamics account (e.g., an old self-service trial with the same email address) with the same email address you’ll be using for this new organization, our system will recognize this and your Company Admin will use the Invite flow to add you to the account.


1. Upon being invited, you will receive an invitation link via email.

2. Click on the Accept Invitation link to be registered to the account.

3. You will be taken to the sign in page.



Below are a few troubleshooting steps to try if you encounter issues accepting an invitation.


Error: You do not have permission to accept this invitation.

Resolution: Try accepting the invitation in using an incognito browser window. Additionally,  make sure that you are using same email address that was used to invite you.


Accept an invite as a License Contact (License Additional User)

Follow these steps if you have been invited as a License Contact by a License Admin.


1. When an administrator invites you to their License Contact list, you will receive an email notification. Within the email, click Accept Invitation.


2. Enter your first name, last name, and password, then click Create free account.

Create Free Account.png


3. You’ll then be redirected to Portal. Note: We are aware of an issue where users are being redirected to the Controller and are working to resolve it.



If you encounter an error when trying to accept the invitation, follow the resolution steps below.  


Error: You are logged in with a different account from the one intended on this invite. Please log out and try again with the account that matches the email address on the invite.

Resolution: When accepting an invitation, you must be logged in using the same email that your administrator entered when inviting you. Log out of your current account and log back in with the correct email address.


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