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How can I manage License Users?

  1. Sign in to AppDynamics.

  2. Click the drop-down on the top right corner, then click Subscriptions.



Step 3 - On the Subscriptions page, search for the license ID. Then click the license name link, found in the Name column. The target license subscription information will appear.




Step 4 - The target license's subscription page will show the License usage tab by default. Click the License details tab to its right.




Step 5 - On the License details page, scroll to the bottom and click the Manage License Users button.ss48.jpg



Step 6 - The License User Management page will open with the target license selected.




Step 7 - Click the Manage User Notifications button at the bottom of the page.ss50.jpg



Step 8 - Then click the Associate Existing Contacts button. A list of the users associated with the target license will appear.ss51.jpg



Step 9 -Click the Add existing license users button(above the table labeled List of users who have access to this license


Step 10 - From the Email list, select the target user's email address. You can also press Control and click to select multiple emails from the list. Click the License Notifications and/or Maintenance Notifications checkboxes as if you want to enable or disable those notifications for the user(s) . 


Step 11 - Click the Save user(s) button to save these user and notification changes.



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