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Database Monitoring : Error occurred while getting wait state information


When you access collector (Database monitoring) data and you see error like the one below on top right corner in red notification


Case 1

We aren't able to load data from the event service. If this is a SaaS controller, please open a support ticket. If this is on-premise installation, please make sure that the event service is running. See the documentation for instructions on starting the event service. For more details on this error, please see the controller server log.

Error occurred while getting wait state information


The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request

Error occurred while getting wait state information



You also see the similar issue when you access the other tabs like 'queries', 'sessions' etc.




Try reproducing the issue and Look in the controller/logs/server.log and see if the error thrown in the server.log is something similar to 

Case 1. 

[#|2016-11-09T13:03:57.996-0800|SEVERE|glassfish3.1.2|com.sun.jersey.spi.container.ContainerResponse|_ThreadID=185;_ThreadName=Thread-5;|The RuntimeException could not be mapped to a response, re-throwing to the HTTP container Could not execute request to http://<events-service-host>:9080/v2/events/dbmon-wait-time/search

with root cause as request timeout.


Case 2.

[#|2016-10-25T06:06:40.023-0500|SEVERE|glassfish3.1.2||_ThreadID=221;_ThreadName=Thread-5;|Could not find account [customer1_6819814d-14f6-46e9-8b2c-53d0770655f9] via lookup.

 with root cause as 

RestException(statusCode=401, code=Auth.Unauthorized, message=The supplied auth information is incorrect or not authorized., developerMessage=)


Case 1.

This staright away means you need to to confirm if the events service locally on the controller host is running ot stopped.

If its stopped start it by 

$> cd Controller/bin
$> ./ start-events-service

I might also be the case that events service in used is configured on a an another dedicated host machine. Just make sure the events service is running and it can be connected from the controller. The easy test would be to 

$> curl http://<events-service-host>:port/healthcheck?pretty=true


Case 2.

 This issue usually arises because of bad key in controller settings for or controller setting point to a wrong events service.

Basically database monitoring is configured by these two controller properties:

1. : The events service url to which controller will connect to fetch db monitoning events data

2. : The controller key that is mapped with the events service in use.


So in case you are using the events service which comes along with controller package then in that case you should set 

1. : http://localhost:9080

2. : leave it as the default key (pre-populated from the time controller installed or upgraded)


In case you are using the external events service (standalone package) then in that case you should set 

1. : same as

2. : same as

3. And ad.accountmanager.key.controller in events-servcie/conf/ : same as



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