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AppDynamics Team


Custom data reporting throws the following error: "User event info field userData dropped because it is too long."


Custom User Data Configuration Example

actionWidgetId<String>:	sezioneDatiContrattoForm:cmdConfirmDatiContratto 
agenzia<String>:	058.GEN 
actionWidgetName<String>:	sezioneDatiContrattoForm:cmdConfirmDatiContratto 
page<String>:	nuovoPreventivo 
sessionID<String>:	FWAEDhx+0du3VGjJws7TGO0Z.b7bef5e7-6dc7-3ddc-b7d2-5f678827c093 
user<String>:	BUSETTO@058.GEN 
actionWidgetText<String>:	Conferma 
actionWidgetAlt<String>:	SPRINT 122 - Dati contrattuali - Conferma 



This issue occurs because the limit for MAX_USER_FIELDS_SIZE is 2048. It is set by JSAgent and cannot be configured by user config. If you would like to add this much information into the userData field, the only workaround is to use short key names.


Note: To further isolate the issue, you can also check the dump log and search for User event info field *** dropped because it is too long ? *** in the field's name. There are two numbers representing the actual size and the max size at the end of this message.

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