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Configuring javaagent on Akana Gateway

 Problem :

    Instrumenting Akana gateway using javaagent.

 Solution :

     About Akana Gateway :

    1. Configure javaagent in "" located in "/opt/<Akana foler>/pm84/bin" path 

    2. Search for "export JAVA_OPTS"

    3. Add the below line , before "export JAVA_OPTS"

          export JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -javaagent:<javaagent path>/javaagent.jar

     4. As Akana Gateway is based on OSGi framework , need to apply the bootdelegation configurations in "" as below.



Encl : sample startup.txt (refer it as and

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Hi, I know is this post is quite old, however we also have Akana in place in our organisation. We have numerous end points exposed by the Network Director of Akana which at this point in time ends up as a 3rd party end point. The question I have is how "if possible" can we get business transactions going into Akana to show up on AppDyanmics. All we have managed to do is monitor the inner workings of Akana i.e PM called DB, ND calling the DB but not actual business transactions of the organisation's transactions

Hi Ronald,

This article is intended to enable javaagent on Akana environment. But, this will not discover the business transactions . To discover the business transactions , we need to identify the type of transactions you are expecting (servlet , webservices,jms , struts etc).

If you are not sure about that , then we suggest  you to follow the below KB article to discover the transactions.