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AppDynamics University E-Learning FAQ

If you are an existing AppDynamics University student, there's been some changes to the e-learning platform you should be aware of. This document covers frequently asked questions about migration to the new learning system to help you seamlessly continue your learning with AppDynamics University.


What has changed?

We have re-architected our learning platform to offer better options for learning at AppDynamics. As part of this change, you will be redirected to a new system using your existing account to access your courses and enroll in AppDynamics training.

Training has now been organized into role-based learning tracks which highlight the most important courses for your specific job. Training is now more effectively organized so that you can find relevant topics much faster.


How do I log in?

You will log into your account using the same credentials you use today with Both your login and password remain the same.


What has changed with the way I consume training?

Nothing. You will still access your courses the way you did previously with either instructors or launching self-paced training activities online.


I take online courses with Webex. Will this change?

No. We are still using Webex and making additional improvements to provide a better experience in your virtual instructor led courses.


What are the different activities I can enroll in?

Certification Exams: Provide formal recognition that you have demonstrated knowledge and proficiency to perform specific jobs or tasks related to AppDynamics.


Tracks: Represent a series of recommended learning activities to support you in performing the duties associated with your role.


Instructor Led Courses: Learning activities led by a live instructor. This includes both classroom instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual training (VILT).


Self-Paced Courses: These training activities are taken online at your own pace and include video tutorials, demonstrations, and simulations. Courses contain a pre-defined group of topics to be taken in sequence.


Self-Paced Topics: These training activities are taken online at your own pace and include video tutorials, demonstrations, and simulations.


How can I reset my login if I forgot it?

At your login screen, click the “Forgot Password” link and follow the steps to reset your password.


If I finish a course, can I take it again?

Yes. You can enroll in self-paced courses and topics as many times as you’d like. If you have an AppDynamics Premium subscription you can enroll for instructor-led courses as often as you need.

If you are using training units, each instructor-led course registration will deduct from your training unit balance.


Was my course history transferred from the old system?

Instructor-led courses, as well as any private courses and certifications, have been transferred over. However, self-paced course progress is not available due to the new structure of courses in the system.


I have signed up for a training course on the old system, will this be changed?

No. Your registration has been migrated to the new system and you should see no interruption in your course schedule.


Is there any change to the way I use training units?

No. Your training units are available in the new system and can be used for public and private instructor-led classes. During course registration, you will be prompted for your training unit voucher code (access code).


How do I purchase learning for myself or my team?

If you would like to purchase an AppDynamics Premium subscription or training units, contact your AppDynamics account manager.


I have training units, where can I register for training materials and courses?

Training units can be used for instructor-led (ILT) courses. You can register at by clicking the “Schedule a Course" button and selecting the course you wish to enroll in. You will receive additional instructions via e-mail after you register.


I have a subscription, where can I register for training materials and courses?  

If you purchased an AppDynamics subscription for your team, you will receive a welcome e-mail from AppDynamics which contains information on how to allocate library subscriptions to team members at your organization. You can then distribute this link to members on your team so they can self-register.

If you have received a registration e-mail, there will be a link to register for your University subscription from your company. Once you register, you can access University content on


I have more questions about my University subscription, who can I ask?

For additional details on our subscription, contact your account manager or



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How do I find out who is my account manager?

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