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Announcing the beta release of .NET Core 2.0 on Windows

Update - 4/17/18

AppDynamics is excited to announce the general availability of the AppDynamics .NET Core Agent for Windows so you can easily monitor .NET Core applications running on cloud, hybrid, or on-premise architectures.


This lightweight and reliable agent provides full-stack and cross-stack visibility into your application and business performance by collecting infrastructure and end-user metrics.

To get started, deploy the official .NET Core Microservices Agent to your solution following the instructions outlined here: .NET Core Microservices Agent Installation


Update - 2/7/18

We are excited to announce a beta release of .NET Core 2.0 on Windows. Our journey to support .NET Core has reached another milestone.


In AppDynamics version 4.4, we released a new version of the .NET agent, the .NET micro agent. This agent, which is now available with the NET Core beta, uses a flexible model of deployment to help with portability and ease the move to microservices. The .NET Core 2.0 on Windows beta provides full visibility into your .NET Core application.


For more information about being part the beta program, please contact your AppDynamics representative.



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There seems to be a problem with AppDynamics if I upgrade my application to .NET Core 2.1. Found a discussion between some .NET Core engineers and another customer here Will there be a fix from AppDynamics fairly soon, and are there any workarounds that you are aware of in order to get this working now?

@Digital.Platform - Yes, that is correct. There is a fix in the works. Per this discussion>>