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Agent, Controller, EUM Server and Events Service Version Compatibility

The AppDynamics Support Team receives many questions about the compatibility between various components of the AppDynamics environment.

Customers want to upgrade a component in order to get a bug fix, but have concerns about whether upgrading the component will affect the environment. This concern is reasonable, as the team does see cases where customers upgraded their Agents and afterward, the Agents stopped reporting events or started to show 404 or other errors in the log files.
The various components of AppDynamics talk to each other by exposing APIs and have a client/service relationship.


For example, JavaScript(JS) Agents send browser metric data to the EUM Server using collector API. In this case, the JS Agent becomes the client for the EUM Server. If the customer ever needs to upgrade the JS Agent, they would need to make sure that the EUM server is a compatible version to understand the call.


AppDynamics ensures that the components are always backward compatible with their clients, but if the client (in this case the Agent) is upgraded to a higher version, there could be compatibility issues. The client might be talking to the server in a language that the server might not understand. In this example, the customer would need to upgrade the EUM Server up to the version equal or higher than the JS agent.


Version Compatibility:


Apache Web Server Agent version <= Controller version
Application Agent version(Java, .Net, Node.js Agent etc) <= Analytics Agent version

For Controller versions lower than 4.4.1Application Agent version (Java, .Net, Node.js Agent, etc.) <= Controller version

*For Controller versions 4.4.1 or higherApplication Agent version (Java, .Net, Node.js Agent, etc.) unrestricted

Analytics Agent version <= Controller version
Analytics Agent version <= Events Service version 
Controller version <= EUM version
Controller version <= Events Service version 
DB Agent <= Controller version
EUM version <= Events Service version
JS Agent <= EUM version

Mobile Agent (iOS or Android Agent) <= EUM version

Machine agent 4.5.2+ is compatible with Controller 4.4.0+
Machine agent 4.5.0 - 4.5.1 is compatible with Controller 4.5.0 - 4.5.x
Machine agent 4.4.0 - 4.4.3 is compatible with Controller 4.4.0 - 4.4.3
Machine agent 4.3.x, 4.4.x, and 4.5.x is compatible with Controller 4.5.x

*Backward compatibility is supported on the following agents starting in Release 4.5:

  • Java 
  • .NET
  • Node.js
  • PHP 
  • Python
  • Go SDK
  • C/C++ 

Version Dependency Chart:




A customer needs to upgrade their iOS Agent to a version higher than their EUM server. They will need to also plan to upgrade the EUM Server to ensure that the Mobile Agent version is lesser or equal to the EUM version, and if required, also upgrade the Events Service to ensure that the Events Service version is lesser or equal to the EUM version. At this point, their Controller does not need an upgrade as it's version is already lesser or equal to the EUM version, and the Controller and Mobile Agents do not depend on each other.


Although the team encourages customers to keep their environment's components in compatible versions as stated above, in some cases, the components can still be compatible if they vary within just the patch version.


For example, an iOS Agent at version can still be compatible with EUM at version, but if the component's versions are very different like version 4.1.x to version 4.3.x, it is recommended that the customer upgrades the components. This will prevent unwanted compatibility issues.

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I have had conflicting responses from AppD support concerning the compatibility of the standalone machine agent (a.k.a. Server Agent) with the controller. I am simply attempting to determine if a 4.4.1 SaaS controller will truly support a 4.4.3 standalone machine agent? From looking at the above, it appears that it would, but due to some issues we have run into AppD engineering had confirmed that "all newer version agents EXCEPT the machine agent can be supported by the 4.4.3 controller. We are again experiencing some issues and AppD support is now again stating that the 4.4.1 controller has no issues with a 4.4.3 machine agent. So, which way is it...... Any other experience or thoughts on this? Thanks much.

@Joe.Shaughnessy I apologize for the confusion. Here is a breakdown of compatability between the Machine Agent and the Controller:


Machine Agent v4.5.2 or newer is compatible with Controller v4.4.0 or newer
Machine Agent v4.5.0 - 4.5.1 is compatible with Controller v4.5.0 - 4.5.x
Machine Agent v4.4.0 - 4.4.3 is compatible with Controller v4.4.0 - 4.4.3
Machine Agent v4.3.x, 4.4.x, and 4.5.x is compatible with Controller v4.5.x


To answer your specific question, a v4.4.3 Machine Agent  would work with a v4.4.1  Controller. Please let us know if you have any further questions about this. 


We'll update the article to make this information clearer.