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using API to pull Policy information


I am trying to pull information from AppD using selective CURL information for audit purposes (versus pulling a huge Dexter report).  I have referenced the API docs on policy details (Policy API ( however the information I am after is specifically what health rules are in scope for the particular policy.  As part of the audit, we are checking to make sure a policy is in place and enabled but policies can cover multiple health rules so need a way to get that detail.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated:





AppDynamics Team

Hi @Casey.Root ,


Thank you for posting to the community.
Although it may not be possible to get the information you need by just 1 API, you may be able to obtain the data by combining results of several APIs.

  • Retrieve a list of Policies associated with an Application API
    • ->Get the ids of policies for an application
  • Retrieve Details of a Specified Policy API
    • ->Get the Health Rule Scope for the policy
  • Retrieve a list of Health Rules for an Application API
    • ->Get the ids of health rules for an application
  • Retrieve Details of a Specified Health Rule
    • ->Get the details for the health rule

See the page below for HealthRule API.

Best Regards,


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Thanks so much for the quick response.  Let me review the link you provided and see if I can pull the information from the multiple API calls and correlate to get the info I need.  Thanks again.