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monitor performance of standalone java application


I am new to appdynamics. I have set up java agent on my machine and connected to controller.

Can I monitor performance of standalone java application. Because what I can see from controller UI is , it monitors servlet and jmx


Hi Kundan


When you say performance whats that exactly yopu are looking.

For example as you said appdynamcis detects servlets,jmx , if you are using speing then you would need to enable the auto discovery.

If you are familar how the code is written it is all about cross verfying how appdynamcids discovers and add where ever it is not.

I have written standalone application program that  perform some operations regarding customer. This application performance goes down when count of customers increases. I want to profile application perfomance to check which queries are taking time and total response time taken per customer.

I am running this application on host as daemon process using scheduler.

Can I use java-agent to monitor its performance. If yes then how. Because what i have understood till now is, controller monitor performance of web request. 


So there are couple of things you need to note them down


1. This is your custom code which means Appd may or may not have full context of your code.

2. This is a cron\scedular job


So for point where evern you think appd is not instrumenting by default then you would need to custom instrumentation :

Since this is cron job \ schedular you need to follow some instructions:
If you read the above link for sure this should be a cake walk.

Thank you for your help. Will try this solution