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bcirules ?


What does bcirules.xml file signify? the java agent on startup of jvm, attempts to read this file. There exists no such file and continues to move on.


Agent version - ver4.2.11.0


AppDynamics Team

Hi Jayaram,


The BCIFixer is enabled by default and will run after 2 minutes of the agent start, and will run every 5 minutes.


Each time the BCIFixer runs, it only checks the newly loaded classes (multiple inherited classes which are not loaded during class load time), and ignores the rest. If any rules (POJO, Information point, Data gatherer) have changed, all classes are checked


A node property named "evaluate-runtime-bci-rules" can be set to control the behavior

off - BCIFixer will not run anymore
on - BCIFixer is rescheduled to run every 5 minutes
<any other value> - If different from the previous value, will run BCIFixer one time.


bcirules.xml is updated at regular intervals with newly discovered classes and agent accordingly instruments them.


Please let me know if this answers your query.




Does lack of bcirules.xml leads to BCI rules not recognizing newly loaded classes and thereby those never get instrumented?