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WMQMonitor doesn't provide data to AppDynamics

WMQMonitor doesn't provide data to AppDynamics


I would like to see the statistics of our WebSphere MQ Server in AppDynamics. I followed the documentation, but unfortunatly I don't see any data on our AppDynamics account.


Please find below the list of items that have been configured:

  • Machine agent: machineagent-bundle-64bit-windows-
  • Configured monitor in /monitors folder: WMQMonitor
  • Using WebSphere MQ 7.5 and IBM WebSphere MQ Explorer is installed on the same server

In AppDynamics under the 'Servers' tab I can see the server, however I'm not able to see more information of that server because we don't have a Server Visibility license. According to the documentation I should be able to see the results of WebSphere MQ under the Applications tab > Tiers & Nodes.


I have created a separate Tier called MQ Server, when I right click on that name and click on 'View', I'm redirected to a page with the following URL:



According to the documentation I have to configure the Component/Tier ID in the metricPrefix of the Machine agent, so that one is now looking as follow:

metricPrefix: "Server|Component:9027|Custom Metrics|WebsphereMQ|"

Furthermore I have configured the host (, port (in our case 1415) and the queue manager name. For all other values we are using the default for now. In the monitor.xml file I have updated the classpath to all external libraries as mentioned on the MQ documentation page.


Is there a way that I can see if the Machine Agent is sending data to the server, probably it is because we can see the server name on the the 'Servers'-tab. And is there an ability to see if it is using the WMQMonitor monitor and if this one is configured correctly?


Thank you

WMQMonitor doesn't provide data to AppDynamics