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Vertx 3.4.x call graph not showing custom classes

New Member

Hi Team - We are having vertx based microservices. Version of vert.x is basically  3.4.x and for one we have 3.5.x.

We have upgraded app dynamics to version after checking vertx compatibility in link below)


We are able to get most of the details in the dashboards which is cool.

However, for transactions captured as slow, if we try to drill down the call graph to see the culprit class, we don't get the precise information. The graph mostly shows the vertx framework classes and stops saying async activity.

I have tried creating asynchronous demarcation, but no luck.

Could anyone please help here?








It sounds as if the agent may not be capturing all the thread hand-offs in your application scenario.


There could be several explanations for this.  Can you post a screenshot of the waterfall view of a snapshot?


Are you using an asynchronous client driver to talk to some backend (maybe a database?) that we do not support out of the box?  That might provide an explanation. (it's important to note that in general peformance issues in applications build using  asynchronous frameworks such as Vert.X often do not manifest as slow code running, but rather as long waits for replies from external services)


It will probably be easiest for you to open a support ticket and work through the detail with our support team to identify what is missing if none of the above is helpful.


Warm regards,


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Thanks Peter, will open a support ticket soon. ( do not have right permissions at the moment)

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