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Vertex framework

New Poster

We are using Vertex framework and its new to us. We are having a hard time creating an entry point. As per our developer, the entry point should be the javascript files he created. Apparently, those JS files are compiled into threads and that's where we are having an issue. 

I've also created a ticket for this:

Can anybody help?


AppDynamics Team

Hi Maria


As per meeting with you i will update you on Please close this one for now

why if its a fix for vertex is it kept private.


Please if its a fix that could benefit the community then make it public, but obviously remove all sensitive data



Just to update the community for posterity (thanks for the prompt Simon) the solution was to upgrade to v4.3.2+ of the agent which introduced out of the box configuration for v3.0 and above of the Vert.x framework.


Additionally, please note that v3.5 of Vert.x introduced changes within the framework, meaning that v3,5+ of Vert.x is supported by out of the box configuration in v4.4.3+ of the agent.


Warm regards,





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