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Trigger Email on particular log occurrence


Trigger Email on particular log occurrence

I have a requrement where my application is using AppDynamics for monitoring purpose and I want to setup an email trigger which will check for logs and send email on occerence of perticular log,


e.g if below logs gets printed then email shud get triggered saying Event Id 12 is missing to receipentsl.

2018-09-12 05:36:21 [main] ERROR c.d.x.c.helpers.TestHelper - Data Failure - Event Id 12 not available


This is high priority task for me so quick help is required

Trigger Email on particular log occurrence
AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Re: Trigger Email on particular log occurrence

Hi @Ashwini.Pawar


Thank you for posting the question on the AppDynamics Community.


From your query, it's not clear what type of log you are trying to track. Please specify whether those are agent logs, infrastructure logs, platform logs, and so on, based on which we can direct you to the right resource.


On general alert, we recommend that you take a look at the Alert and Respond and Health Rules documentation on how to create an email notification.


Please let us know how it went. Feel free to post if you have further questions.


Thank you







Radhika P

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