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Tomcat connection pool monitoring

Tomcat connection pool monitoring


We have a tomcat based application and we are able to use JMX to monitor things like threadpools etc. But for this application we are not able to see the JMX information related to JDBC connection pools (they are configured as resource in tomcat using tomcat pool library) . I think this is related to some configuration which needs to be setup at the application level. Can you please throw some light on the same.



~ Srini

Tomcat connection pool monitoring

Re: Tomcat connection pool monitoring

We are also having this issue, I would love to see if there is a way to monitor this as well.

AppDynamics Team

Re: Tomcat connection pool monitoring

Hi there,


Can you please read this info and let me know if this helps you?



Community Manager

Re: Tomcat connection pool monitoring @Srinivas.Narayanan : was this issue resolved for each of you respectively? Could you share with the community what helped to resolve your issue? This would be helful information. 


Thank you.