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Service End Point metrics are not displaying

New Member

Hi All,

Need your valuable help here...

I am just practicing AppDynamics. I created a sample spring-boot application and configured the same in my SaaS free account.

I have configured a custom service endpoint for one of my spring bean methods.

The issue is AppDynamics is auto-detecting my Rest endpoint transaction and capturing the metrics under a business transaction.

But none of the service endpoint metrics are displayed.

So am doubting the business transaction is masking my service endpoint as the configured entry points are within the business transaction.

Is that true?? 

If not, why my custom service endpoints are not displayed??


Community Manager

Hi @Aneesh.M,

Not sure if you've seen this yet, but I wanted to share with you this AppD Docs page -

Please let me know if it helped out at all.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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I'm not 100% positive, but I do not believe a BT will mask a service endpoint.  More likely, you an issue with your SEP detection rules.  Do you have the tier set up to automatically detect all Service endpoints?  If so, that will block your custom SEP rules.  That's been my experience, anyway.